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 Hi guys! Hope you’re good and staying safe? 
I’m writing this from my bed...totally exhausted. All of a sudden, extra hours of sleep made me realize I actually had body pains. It’s crazy how I’ve gone through the past eight days on a routine and now that there’s a break (or a stop...I dunno yet), my body is acting different. I guess the way I gradually adjusted to the routine is the same way I’d have to adjust to putting a stop to it. 
But basically, I’m home and in bed and I don’t intend on changing my position or plans anytime soon. Your girl needs proper rest but I’d definitely need to get up tomorrow though. I’ve been dying to gist you guys about camp but Coronavirus had other plans. All NYSC camps have been suspended till God knows when.

In my last post, I told you guys that I’d started my service year and that I was posted to Oyo State. Camp was crazy and fun too. I met really nice people and they were actually the highlight of my stay in camp because I didn’t feel lonely for the slightest second. I had to adjust very quickly because being in the NYSC camp is like being in one of those boot camps you see on TV. Everything works according to a schedule and as they always said, we’re what to do and when to do them at all times. For twenty one days, you’re supposed to live with graduates like yourself from different tribes with different cultures and beliefs and learn from them to promote national development and harmony. 
Every morning, you’re expected to be up at 4am. You freshen up, get dressed and move to the parade ground for meditation by 5am. Nigeria wakes up at 6am and that’s when both the NYSC and the Nigerian flags are raised. We were supposed to have the swearing-in parade a few days after getting into camp so after meditation we’d have to stay back to have matching rehearsals.

 I think that’s how my feet got swollen but anyways, after the swearing-in parade I stopped matching. Why? I got into OBS. OBS is an acronym for Orientation Broadcasting Service which I joined as a reporter. We had to write a report to get interviewed before getting in and you can read it here. My job as well as that of other reporters was to write reports on the events going on everyday so it could be read as the news by the broadcasters every morning. 

I also had a kitchen duty so I and some of my platoon members had to assist the cooks. That day was one of my favorites but even though I had fun, it was mad stressful. It was on a Sunday so I went to church and I hadn’t even eaten cos I wanted to get to church on time and then from church I went to the kitchen. That day, I learnt how to make pap from scratch. My mum used to make it and I’d run away because it was a lot of work but that day I had no choice. 

I even joined two dance groups. That’s right...your girl is multitalented😂. I rarely had time to myself but camp was fun! It kinda sucked that we had to leave and it sucked more that my platoon didn’t get to dance before we left. So if you’re going to serve...Oyo camp is good. 

Oh...before I forget...the military slangs and songs are just crazy😂.  MORALE...HIGH!!!

And when you hear “Corper Weeeeeee oh!!!”...you say “waaaaaaaaaa oh!!!”

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