Snatched II

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Growing up has been tough for me. Everyday is like an adventure and I never know what’s coming. Most of us don’t, but I wake up everyday feeling like I’m all alone in this world. Yes...there’s my mother’s sister but I can tell you that my Yaba customer feels more like family than she does. Even at this, I’m still very much of a happy soul. My mother used to tell me that I shouldn’t let the world see my weakness because then they would feed off of it and take advantage of me. This has been my motto and it has helped me a lot since my mother died. My aunt detests me and the fact that a lot of the things she does  hardly ever gets to me just makes her hate me even more. Is this why she sent kidnappers to me? This is so low of her. I mean what is she going to gain from this? It’s not like I have an inheritance somewhere that’d be automatically hers if I’m no longer alive or something. She could have just told me to never step foot in her house again.
Wait a minute! How could I think that my own blood would want me dead??? I’ve got a really messed up brain to think that my mother’s only sister would want me dead after she promised my mother on her deathbed that she’d take care of me. Yes...she’s done terrible things to 
me and even though I act like it doesn’t get to me, I’ve gone to bed a lot  
is crying. One time, she threw all my things out while it was raining and told me to never come back. It was about 11:30 at night! There was also that time she made me eat leftover rice that was spoilt. She said it was my fault the rice had gone bad. How??! I was ill for about two weeks. 

The one that gets me so mad is her stupid husband. I’m not one to insult my elders but this man deserves all the insults in the world. My aunt might be mean but she’s a total babe which makes me wonder what the hell she’s doing with Shrek. Is she trying to be Princess Fiona or something?  And wouldn’t it have been better if he was at least nice or something? I mean the husband. You make up for what he’s lost on the outside inside. No! He just had to be ugly on the inside too. This man has accused me of seducing him meanwhile he’s tried to rape me twice before. Nobody can tell me they didn’t send this kidnappers to me. Of course, nobody will...because I’d be dead in a couple of hours!
I’ve been thinking of unnecessary things instead of thinking of how to get out of here. 

These guys must be new to the game, they don’t even have any weapons. We are stopping! Is this where I die? I didn’t even get to wear my new shirt. I paid 250 naira for it and now it’s just going to waste. I begin to say my prayers when one of the guys sitting with me at the back of the vehicle asked “shey na jollof rice you like abi na fried rice?”. I look back to check if there’s someone else here he might be talking to but there’s no one. When it looked like I wasn’t going to answer he said “small madam, na you I dey talk to”. Three pairs of eyes were piercing through my skin so with a very shaky voice I quickly said “anyone sir...”. 
He got down from the vehicle and slammed the door immediately. The one driving then came to the back to sit by the door. He looked familiar...I must have seen this face before. Then it struck me...the man from the bank! I met a man at the bank last month - Mr Chinedu. He’s been calling my phone endlessly even though I’ve told him I’m not interested in any relationship and he’s even married. I’m not interested in any relationship now not to talk of side chick wahala. Toke even picked up the call once and insulted him but that’s not enough reason to kidnap me now. I’m too young for this man and he probably has girls drooling over him because Mr Chinedu is fine!  I’ll just apologise and tell him that.... 
The sudden opening of the door cut off my thoughts. The man had brought back food and drinks. “Gbenga, oyah go back to your post”. Gbenga? Not Chinedu?! What is wrong with me?  I guess this kind of tension can make one’s brain assume things because Mr Chinedu is light skinned and this man isn’t. I’m beginning to lose it and this fried rice and turkey can’t even fix me right now. 
We drive for about fifteen minutes more and we entered this beautiful mansion. It has a pool. They need to let me swim in it before they kill me. The water is so beautiful and the air feels so different. They take me into a very big room and tell me to sit. It’s like a palace and I’m wondering what a commoner like me is doing in such a place. There’s someone coming and the men that brought me are straightening up. This man must be a big deal. My heart is beating so fast and I don’t remember standing up but I’m on my feet. The man is here...he is here! I’m going to die...wait!  “Dad?!”

Dad ? How can her father be kidnapping her again? You’ll know the next post 🌚😂 
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