Snatched III

by - 12:55 PM

 I’ve been stuck in a vehicle with three men who I thought might have been kidnappers for about two hours. For the past two hours I have been troubled, thinking of all the possible ways these strange men can end my life. I’ve thought of all the people that could possibly want to hold me captive even to the point of thinking that my mother’s only sister would want me dead. I didn’t even get to eat the fried rice and turkey because I felt it might have been poisoned or something. 
Yet, here I am. I’m in this mansion standing in front of a man who I’ve never met in my life yet is supposed to be my father. 
“Fadekemi, won’t you come and hug your father? Aren’t you happy to see me my princess?”
Somebody needs to tell this man I don’t do hugs. Well, he would have known that if he stuck around and I’m not his princess. I look or act nothing like a princess and  nobody calls me Fadekemi. 
My mother needs to get up from that grave now and have a good talk with the man she married. What is it with the women from my mother’s family? Why do they find assholes attractive?
This man needs to take me back to where he picked me up from. How do you abandon your child for almost twenty years? And then when you finally find her, you bring her forcefully to you. 
If not for how terrible everything in this country is, I should be able to have him arrested.  I’m not some animal you can just pick up and force hugs on. I need to leave here because this man might just end up regretting that he got my mother pregnant.
“My princess, I’m sure you know I’m your father so stop acting up.” And he was very correct. My mother showed me his pictures a lot while growing up. She never for once forgot the anniversary of their wedding. She’d go on and on about how they were a perfect couple and how their love story was a unique one. Only for him to leave when she was two months pregnant. I guess they weren’t a perfect couple after all. She said he had only left her a note about “going to find himself”. Men really are pathetic! He didn’t think of leaving to find himself while they were dating. He didn’t find himself before he got my mother pregnant. I’m going to be nineteen in about a month’s time. It took this man almost twenty years to find himself. I should be able to have this man arrested. This is kidnapping! I do not want to be here. 
“Fadekemi, ba mi soro now. You can’t continue to keep quiet”. 
“Ahh...I can continue o! Why am I even here? Please I want to go back!” 
He was so shocked. I guess he wasn’t expecting such a reply but I could have said worse. My mother thought me to respect my elders so he’s safe.
“And stop calling me Fadekemi please. It’s  Oluwakemisola. I don’t know why mum still decided to give me the name you told her you wanted even though you left her with just a stupid note but I had it changed. It’s Oluwakemisola to you sir!” 

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