The end

by - 1:46 PM


Everyone loved your cheerful smile 
Your perfect set of teeth made your smile even more contagious 
Even though behind that bright white smile 
Was darkness 
I guess you were just so good an actor
You smiled even though the night before 
You cried yourself to bed
Because he did it again
The monster with which you share family ties
If only everyone got to write their fate
You wouldn’t have picked an animal for an uncle 
But life got you and it continually laughed at you
Life laughed at you when your parents died
And you had to live with an animal 
It continued laughing every night
As you screamed till your vocal chords tore
It kept laughing as you fought for air 
Under his disgusting sweaty body
The laughter didn’t even stop when he hit you
Over and over 
As your body gradually gave up 
And pain—emotional and physical—meant nothing anymore 
Until you decided to let your soul go too
Until you fed your body with its last poison 
One greater than the one that came out of your uncle 
Greater than the one life choked you with daily
You ended it all
And you let life win 
You’re down...right back where you started 
In the dust
But its way too gave up too soon
You let life win

And you left a beast to roam the streets freely

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  1. Damn, this is cold. A beautiful write up though

  2. Blessing this is one heck of a write up,I wish more people are aware of the last 3 lines sadly