Bee’s Banter: Are you good?

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Hi! It’s been a minute. I sincerely hope that you’re safe wherever you are. There has been a lot of sad news flying up and down this past week. It’s like this sad cloud is just hovering around. We can’t say that it doesn’t concern us just because it’s not affecting us personally. These things happen, and it just seems like there’s absolutely nothing we can do. We can’t say it’d pass either or that it’d become old news because it won’t. It will always be relevant. We can all just play our parts as decent people to reduce these sad occurrences. You could pray to God and turn your face to the side because you mustn’t be a victim. What about your neighbor? “Love thy thyself”. It’s a team effort people. We need each other. 

Anyways, lets talk about our “mental health”.   Are you okay? No, I didn’t mean that as an insult. I really want to know if you’re okay. Some of us actually do not know anything about our mental health. We just know we get very moody sometimes or that we’d rather be by ourselves. A lot of people actually abuse the use of the word “depression”. Guys, depression is not cool! It’s not about wearing only black clothes and posting sad quotes. Some people are actually seriously sad and putting up pictures of quotes as a cry for help because they’re confused. Don’t be an attention seeker. Don’t rob people of a possible chance to be helped. Being depressed isn’t an easy thing. You can only understand it if you’ve been there. Don’t come and be telling us that music did one thing for you. Don’t open your dirty mouth and say somebody that committed suicide is a coward cos you’ve clearly never experienced the level of pain that music can’t carry. Or maybe you have and you’re a strong person...good for you. Everyone is different please. 

A lot of people still don’t believe that depression is an actual thing. African parents will simply just shout at you to get over yourself. STOP BEING SAD! There...that’d fix it. 
I’ve been feeling a little down lately and it sucks. It really does. It’s why I decided to talk about this...but then again it’s just bants. I’m not a mental health specialist but again, I sincerely hope that you’re good. I wouldn’t want anyone feeling the way I’ve been feeling. So, talk to someone, pray, watch funny movies or go see a friend. Do whatever makes you happy. I know it’s easier said than done but it’s worth the try. I hope you feel better soon. The rest of the universe is waiting for you to light up because you are the sun. 

John 14:27      Let not your heart be troubled...

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  1. I don’t know if I've ever been depressed. But one thing I know for sure is that there was once a period in my life I lost interest in almost everything that made me happy and it wasn’t cool at all.

    1. I hope you never experience’s not pretty