You are enough!

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It’s okay to feel insecure every now and then, after all, we’re human beings. It only becomes an issue when “it’s okay to feel insecure” turns into an excuse for you to always be insecure. When you get so comfortable with not having to put in the work that is required, that’s when there’s a problem. You can’t get relaxed about being doubtful of yourself. Insecurity steals your self-pride and before you know it, years would have gone by before you realize how much time you wasted beating yourself up.  If you don’t like it, work on it. If you can’t change it, why don’t you consider making the best of it? 
I mentioned in the previous post that I was a very shy person. Maybe I’m still a little bit shy or reserved but I’m way better because I worked on it. I started putting my feelings in words. I’d get angry or sad or I’d be in tears and just pick up a book and write something down. I would never speak up when someone did something I hated because I felt I could never win an argument. I felt like nobody could hear my voice and it’s true because my voice was so low. There was little or no confidence...of course, my voice was low.

One of the things that can make you so insecure about yourself is the kind of friends you keep. Toxic relationships will leave you feeling empty. How can a person you claim to be in love with or someone who claims to love you, find it normal to call you names or make you feel bad?  
We look to our loved ones for validation. Their okay means everything to us. When they tell us something, we believe it because we love and trust them. And so, their opinions really matter to us. If you remain in a relationship where your partner keeps calling you names, all in the name of “love”, it’d be difficult for you to have self-confidence. 
I was once close to this guy who wanted us to be in a relationship. This guy would always call my attention to the fact that my acne had gotten worse. Every time we met, he’d mention that the number of pimples on my face had increased. Sometimes, he’d even jokingly count them and it made me so concerned that I started buying products to fix my face. He might have been joking at some point but he left me feeling like I was ugly and I had started buying products that I didn’t really care for. If I had ended up in a relationship with him, maybe I’d have bleached my skin by now. Yes, I have acne but it didn’t make me feel less of myself until somebody who claimed to love me kept talking about it. That just made me feel so self-conscious of my body.

Being hurt over and over might also leave you doubting yourself and your sanity. People go into relationships freaking out about a new partner just because the last one acted a certain way. You start to think that something must be wrong with you and maybe that’s why they kept cheating on you. If you weren’t enough for them, why would you be enough for this person? Pain messes us up. It makes us doubt ourselves. 
Have you ever heard the saying “hurt people hurt people”? It means exactly what it says. Some people make life difficult for others because they’re in pain. People would legit make you feel bad because they are sad. Why should you be happy when they’re sad? If you’re not careful, you’d lose confidence if you stay with such people. I once knew this girl who would call me ugly or talk about my body in demeaning ways. I always felt bad but then I later found out that she was actually just insecure. I am obviously very beautiful (I’d say more than her because it’s the truth but let’s move on). She also thought I was very pretty but she just felt the need to make me feel ugly so that she could feel better about herself. I really don’t understand why people do that.

In conclusion, know the source of your insecurity and cut off its energy supply! Appreciate every atom of your being like I’ve noticed this beautiful little freckle on my nose. You’re beautiful and you’re handsome. You’re the first ray of sunshine in the morning. You’re a breath of fresh air. Your smile is worth a million bucks and it brightens up the room. You deserve everything good in this world and more. The world is lucky you’re in existence. Do not give anybody the power to bring you down. Whenever you’re in doubt, remind yourself that you’re a King/Queen.

Don’t keep this post from your friends. They need to know that they’re enough too. Leave comments and share❤️

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  1. Making other people feel bad just because one is sad is one of the most common things people do and it’s crazy. I learnt to just not give a f*ck about people’s opinion of me and I’m fine