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Hey guys! How has your week been so far?

I sincerely hope you’re doing well. It’s been a very quiet week for me. I’ve honestly just been trying to keep my mind at peace. I’ve been trying to do things that will stabilize me mentally. Last week, the mean hands of depression almost got me but as the baddass that I am, I fought back 😌.

There’s one thing I’ve learnt that helps me rethink things. The truth is a lot of people are as clueless as you are. Going through life comparing other people’s lives with yours will only destabilize you. You’re wondering why you’ve not grown because somebody somewhere has “made it”. Why would you compare someone else’s journey with yours?

You’re going through the same route as someone who’s on an entirely different journey from yours.

One of my favorite verses of the Bible says that God’s thoughts are higher than ours. You’re struggling to do a certain thing when God has other plans for you. I know it’s not easy to sit and do nothing when everyone around seems to be making it. “Seems” because you never ever know the actual story. While it seems that way, it might actually be different. 

Again, comparing someone’s success with yours will only have you going insane. 

“God when” because somebody has a car and a house but you still stay with your parents.

You start to worry and then it’s constantly on your mind. It never leaves, and then all you’re concerned about now is how to get yours by any means. You could borrow or do some crazy (maybe illegal) job to get what you want, only to find out the other person “borrow posed”. And now you’re in debt or just plain frustrated cos you’re suddenly realizing how far envy has pushed you.

If you’re reading this and thinking “nah nobody does doesn’t even make any sense”, yes people do this. And it doesn’t have to be a house or a car, it could have been something smaller. Living(schooling) in Lagos has made be realize how fake people can be. I know someone who went to buy (borrow) human hair wigs just cos of me. And the funny thing was that my wigs were synthetic but she missed that part. Synthetic wigs are cheaper and at the time I had a couple of nice ones. 

Who hasn’t gotten jealous before? It’s knowing how to contain your jealousy so that you don’t end acting on it. Proverbs 14:30 says A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. Even the thought of being like others steals your peace so there’s really no good side to it. You could say envy drives you to work harder, but does making someone else’s life your goal even make any sense?

It can be really difficult, I for one know that but I’m hopeful. I’m willing to believe that it gets better. I’d rather put in work than look for a shortcut because really there’s no easy way out. Have a beautiful week.

Ps: You are doing great 👍🏾 Just keep going❤️

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