Story time with the Bee

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Hello guys! It’s been way too long. The beautiful picture of me up there has nothing to do with this story. You just have to experience my beauty. I had an entirely different topic in mind but I changed my mind. Let’s laugh a bit.

There’s creepy and there’s bat shit creepy. If you schooled around Akoka, especially if you’re a girl, you’d know Yaba market. And if you school(ed) in Unilag (Great Akokaites?!), you’d know the distance from school to Yaba.

Also, if you know me well, you’ll know you should count me in when it comes to buying clothes. My friends used to have me go with them to buy clothes and on that day we were headed for Yaba in the evening. Ladies, you might be able to relate to a guy following you up and down just to get your number. I’ve had a guy follow me all the way to the school gate from my hostel (new hall) with my load before. I saw it as a nice gesture because I refused when he asked to help me with it but he insisted. I didn’t consider it creepy. In fact, I gave him my number. It only became extremely creepy when he wouldn’t stop calling to tell me he loves me. Anyways, that’s another story entirely. 

So my friends and I were walking to get a bus and there was a regular looking human walking behind us. We were chatting and the guy comes up to me and touches me. One thing I hate in my life is unnecessary touching. Don’t touch me! Can’t you make your point without touching me? That’s enough for me to find you irritating. He tried to get my number and I said no. Instead of letting it go, he kept walking behind me.

He got closer and closer. That’s when the “regular” in front of his “human” started turning into creepy. One thing I’ve noticed about sociopaths is that they look so decent.

Well, the ones I’ve had an encounter with.

I imagine he was even coming from work cos he was formally dressed. 

We got a bus and guess what? He hopped in too. Beautiful love story right? When he got into the bus with us, I just had to tell myself that it was just a coincidence and he was actually going our way. I drew my friends’ attention to it just in case.

You know how busy Lagos can be. When we alighted, the crowd was crazy and so people where sort of pushing to make way. This guy saw it as an opportunity to grope me. He did a couple of times and so I had to hit him. I don’t even remember where I slapped him. It had gotten so annoying! Did I also mention he was touching me and making it seem like a mistake when we got in the bus?

Even after hitting him, he didn’t stop. I was so so scared that I hit a grown man and he could beat me up. Nigeria can be a weird place. People stand by and watch bad things happen. All they do is hit record on their cameras. I got so confused when this guy continued following me. I told him I was going to scream until people intervened. It didn’t even move him. He brushed himself against my back and I lost it.

By then my friends and I were in front of the stall of a women that was selling female underwear. She was the one that pulled me aside and asked me what the problem was. I told her and she yelled at him to leave me. When he refused, she called area boys o. She kept telling me he was just horny 😂. I ended up buying underwear I didn’t intend on buying but I was so grateful.

PS: I missed you ❤️ 

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  1. Oh wow, this was a crazy experience, I don’t even want to imagine how this would have played out at night

  2. I can soooooo relate. You should've shouted "rapist" on his head.