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How do I express my gratitude without you guys missing even a single drop?

I’m so grateful for the love you all showed me on my birthday. It was simply amazing. My pictures were everywhere. My phone’s battery kept running low cos messages kept coming in. It was like I had my birthday three days in a row. Even though I had to go to work and I was busy through out, I still really enjoyed it. I got birthday gifts and MONEY (one of my favorite things 🤡). I’ve never gotten a cake as a birthday gift (apart from when my mum bakes for me).  This time I got two 😭 but we’re not here to talk about how much I’m being spoiled 🤡. I have a question for you guys.

How do you know when to draw the line when talking to people? How do you know what to tell certain people and what to keep to yourself? Does anyone know everything about you? I know one person can’t possibly know everything about you but is there someone that knows all the personal things about you? What things do you just not tell people? I know...I said “a” question. Let’s just say the remaining questions are the babies of the first one (like WAEC questions).

This question covers more than just one area if you really think about it. Firstly, there’s the issue of being vulnerable to the wrong person. Imagine being someone who always keeps to themself and then the first time you open up, it’s to a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You let yourself go with someone who wasn’t even worth it. They just wanted you to trust them enough to be able to get whatever they wanted from you. How do you know how not to do that? How do I know if someone is actually genuine?

Another one is having someone use the information you gave them against you. It’s sort of like the first one as it still involves being vulnerable, but here they use what you told them against you. Imagine thinking you’ve finally found somebody who won’t ever judge you, only to have them show your “dirty linen” to everyone. It’s a terrible experience. What are the red flags you should notice in order to avoid such people.

Then the one that is currently bothering me is the extent of what I can share with the public. I have a lot I want to write about. I have experiences I want to share but I worry about the other parties involved. I could share a story from my point of view but what if I miss something from the other party’s side of the story. I also fear that I’d put the person’s reputation on the line (that’s if they did something bad).  Would we ever know the exact amount of information that can be shared without hurting yourself or someone else ? Sometimes it’s obvious but other times it’s just an endless pit with a pretty carpet on top. 

Today I don’t have any “answers”, I just have questions. How do you know when to stop sharing information that can hurt you or someone else? Think about this properly because it’s way more than the three scenarios I stated. Enjoy the rest of the week guys❤️.

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  1. This is actually a tough question because one can not totally trust people.
    I'll just say don't tell everyone everything, it's better to talk less than required than to talk more than is required