It’s my birthday!

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Well it’s tomorrow...

Hello y’all! It’s been too long. Let’s blame it on my job and how exhausted I constantly am.

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I can’t tell you how grateful I am. I know this year has been a lot for everyone but I’m going to be a bit selfish here. The tears I’ve shed this year can be used to fill up a swimming pool. For some reason or the other, my emotions have been on the edge too often this year. I wanted this post to be a reflection of everything that has happened since my last birthday up until this one but it’s kind of difficult. You know how talking about certain things can stir up emotions you don’t want to feel. But I’d try to talk about a few things. My first attempt at this post was just not it. I found myself focusing on mostly the bad things but the truth is I have joy in my life. And no matter how difficult 2020 has been, I’m still thankful to God for this year. I don’t mean to make this sound like “testimony time” in church but a God took care of my family despite how crazy things were. I also got to learn a lot about love but that’s another story.

My birthday last year was the exact opposite of what I wanted. I spent a ridiculous amount of hours in my room and the rest looking for Adeola. Who is Adeola and why was I looking for her?😂 She is my daughter (a friend but I’m older than her😏😌) and she was one of the reasons I didn’t just stay on my bed thinking. She got lost locating my house and so I spent a lot of time looking for her😂. The ice cream I got became a puddle before I found her. She got me a gift (I think that was the only gift I got sef) and we made videos. If you’re reading this Adeola, you’re amazing❤️.

Now, back to this year. I can already tell you my birthday was amazing even though it’s still tomorrow. Why? I already celebrated it.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for me. I got to spend it with the most beautiful people. I had a birthday dinner and it was everything.

I went to church in the morning and I was able to tell God how grateful I am and altogether, it was just simply amazing to be in His presence. In the evening, we all went out and it was beautiful. I’m writing for home right now because I couldn’t go to work. Ulcer is a bastard. I was too excited and overwhelmed to eat at the DINNER. Who goes to dinner and returns hungry? Me! I was too excited (plus I couldn’t eat the food 🙈). I already got gifts and a cake. I am so happy and thankful and even though I’d be at work tomorrow, I can say I’ve already had a happy birthday.

Ps: I’m sorry I haven’t been consistent. It’s already telling on me because this post took forever to write. Have an amazing week. Love ya 💕.

Shout out to @yomi_visuals for my amazing birthday pictures. You can check my IG for the rest.

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  1. I’m glad you got to celebrate with friends and loved ones and I wish I could have taken some of the birthday myself. I’m also grateful I got to meet such an amazing friend this year..Happy birthday bee 🐝

  2. You sli....Happy birthday my baby..I love you today tomorrow always and forever 💜

  3. I’m so glad your birthday is beautiful even before it’s your birthday 🥰 I pray that you always have a reason to smile!! And your birthday pictures are litty af o❤️

  4. Happy birthday sweetheart. Wishing you the best you wish for❤️🎉