Here’s to new beginnings!

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Happy new year guys! I’m so grateful for 2021 and also happy everyone of us made it to the new year. It’s the season of new year resolutions and I’m sure a lot of us have many things we want to start doing. It doesn’t even have to be a new year resolution per se. It could just be new plans like getting a new job or taking a course. First, I’d like to say that I’ve not been one to work by a timetable or a “planned” plan. I have plans and I have goals but I haven’t been one to write them down and create a series of steps to get what I want. It doesn’t mean that I’m lazy or inefficient. We do not “always” achieve everything we want to accomplish but I’d say my way of doing things has helped me a lot in the past but it has also made me mess up. You know that saying “when you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail?”? Yeah...that has been me. I always felt like planning made things predictable and boring.

Why would I want to list out all the things I want to do when I can wing it? 

Sometimes, I’d think about things I need to do and my brain would start arranging everything. Once I notice I’d distract myself and scatter everything.

One thing I’ve struggled with a lot is anxiety and I feel like it’s why I usually don’t want to “overthink” things. I know I’d worry about it over and over and that could affect my efficiency on the project. My point is you should plan. You actually do need to. It would help you put certain things on your mind and indirectly it could actually affect your decision making. You’d start making decisions pointed at achieving the set goal. Take your time and think about things that you’ve always wanted to do and take your first step. I’m your 24/7 cheerleader and my DMs and mail are always open. It’s fun going through life with a purpose especially when you’re in charge.

The second thing is CALM DOWN. There are times when you need to “apply pressure”. You might need to work really hard to achieve your goal but you still need to chill. Always remember never to work according to someone else’s clock. You can’t be going through life following someone else like a lost puppy. You can’t let yourself get pressured into making certain choice just because everyone is achieving something or looking like they’re doing great. The fact that someone looks like they’re good doesn’t mean they are. God didn’t give you their wealth because he didn’t give you whatever it is they’re going through. Don’t just blindly try to copy someone when you can be yourself. You don’t want to end up lost. It’s natural to stumble a few times because life isn’t a smooth ride. So, never base your success on someone else’s.

If you want to, YOU CAN DO IT. You can do whatever you set your mind to. 

I hope you achieve whatever it is you hope to do and most especially, I hope you have joy in your heart always. Once again, welcome to 2021 ❤️.

Ps: I’ve always wanted to make videos but I get shy🙃 🙈. What do you think ?

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