Short Story: Snatched I

by - 8:30 PM

“Oga much be this shirt last last now?!”, I asked the cloth seller at the top of my voice after bending down for more than fifteen minutes looking for the perfect shirt for the new pair of jeans I had purchased last week Friday. Yaba market was heavily packed today and you could barely hear yourself think. I had been shouting at the top of my voice to get the seller’s attention in between people pushing me around as they walk by and girls asking me if I’m taking “that” - pointing at the “one direction white tee” in my hands. The shirt was going to be so perfect when I pair it up with my jeans on Friday for the night out with the girls. I’m pretty sure I’d be the only one wearing jeans that night because I do not really feel comfortable in dresses. I’d pick a cropped top and a high waisted jean over a fashionnova body-con dress any day.  While I was drowning in my thoughts, somebody pushed me and went “if you no wan buy anything, commot for here make we see road!”. As a result of the pushing, my bag strap snapped and my bag fell. I had to pay up and get the hell out of there but as I bent down to pick up my bag before it disappeared, I saw that black Jeep again. 

Yes! The same black Jeep I had been seeing for about two weeks now. I had thought of reporting at the police station or at least telling somebody incase anything happens. I told the girls but what can they do? Toke even asked me why some guy in a Jeep would be watching my broke ass and it’s true. I don’t have anything to offer any kidnappers. I’m orphaned and my aunt pretty much wants me out of her house for good because her promiscuous husband can’t get his lustful eyes off me. I’m very sure my aunt would deny me. I’ve also thought about rituals but I’ve always cleared up the thought as soon as it comes up because my mother, before she passed away, gave me a crucifix that never leaves my neck. She told me it represented the Son of God never leaving me. She also said He had been with us even before my dad  left her while she was pregnant with me and He’d remain with me even after she leaves. It was almost as if she’d had known she was going to leave.  

I paid for my shirt and thought about how I was going to crop and adjust it with my mother’s old sewing machine. I walked towards the campus shuttle to return to the hostel hugging my bag because I couldn’t get the strap fixed. As I was about to cross the road, the black Jeep stopped and somebody shoved me in and that was it.

Where’d you think they took her? Nigeria is not an easy country to probably ritualsπŸ€”? Let me know what you think. Don’t forget to share this post❤️ and find out what happens in the next post.

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