by - 6:15 PM

A state of emergency has been declared 
The world is on a lockdown
They’re saying everyone should practice social distancing 
Stay at home
Wash your hands
Don’t forget to get an alcohol based sanitiser
Wash your hands thoroughly
But most importantly...stay at home
This isn’t an issue for me...I love it indoors
And you know...I’d rather not die
It’s that simple...it’s as basic as that
So what’s the problem with you?
Why won’t you stay home?
Why won’t you let the earth heal?
There are people out there risking their lives for us
I like to call them heroes with lab coats
They leave their homes...their families 
Just for the world to be set free from its chains
Yet you won’t do the one thing you’re asked to
What...you think this is a joke?
If your life doesn’t mean so much to you
Consider others
Stay home
Break the chain 

Cos the virus spreads like wildfire 

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  1. Aunty Rona is out there. Stay at home! It's not so difficult yet seemingly hard.
    Not everyone can actually afford to stay at home yunno.
    We do need to extend helping hands this period to those around us who need it so they literally wouldn't suffer from hunger

    1. Yes we do! We really need to help each other out and some point we actually do need to go out but at the same time we should be careful.