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Hello friend! Can I call you that? I feel like we’re close enough now. You think so too? Great!😂 I sincerely hope that you’ve been good. I hope your week turned out great. I spent most of my week in bed. Why you ask? Flu! That’s right. Runny nose, sweatshirt and socks. This weather and I are not in agreement. I can’t remember the last time I took off my socks (well...apart from when I have to have my bath). It’s so cold! If it’s just me, please tell me. Plus is this how Canada (my true country) will be?

If you’re on my Instagram (follow me😘), you would have noticed how “obsessed” I am with a particular show called F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 

If you haven’t seen it, please do. It’s beautiful. I normally wouldn’t watch a series but I decided to watch this one and I loved it. I don’t know if it was because of the person that put me on it. All I know is I loved it and I still rewatch it over and over. It has this effect on me especially when I’m down. Before I know it, I’m laughing.

Anyways, this isn’t about that. There was an episode where this guy (Ross) did something this babe (Rachel) didn’t like. I wish I could explain properly but basically, both of them are really close and he did something she didn’t like. Now, she acted like it was fine but then she kept giving him “the silent treatment”(sounds familiar right?😂). Ross walks up to her and asks her if everything is okay cos she’s not really been talking to him and she says “yep”😂. As soon as Ross turns to leave, she goes “FYI...” and starts talking about everything that was bothering her.

Here’s my question. Ladies...why do we do that? Don’t even pretend because I know you’ve done this😂. I don’t think guys do this as much as girls. 


In one of my previous posts, I’ve talked about the fact that I used to keep to myself a lot. You could stab me and I’d just keep it in and rather just kill you with my eyes (I’m exaggerating. Don’t try me...try Jesus 🙂). Then, I was so bad at expressing myself and so I would just keep everything in. I’d probably not talk to you for a while and if you don’t notice it’s fine because I could literally do it forever. You hurt me and so you should automatically know. Right? No!

That was crazy. I was a crazy person 😂. Ladies, let’s just come forward and accept that that particular behavior is bad. As that uncle on Instagram would say, O wrong!

Now that we’ve seen the problem and accepted that it’s wrong, I’d like to say for the record that sometimes too it can be complicated. I used to think I understood some things but with time, I got matured and I get a lot of things better now. One of them is that keeping things that hurt you inside can kill you. Expressing how you feel would actually relieve you. I’m not saying you should go and be insulting people because they offended you o! I’m saying have a conversation with the person about it. It’d help you. I know this for a fact. I don’t even know how I used to do it before. Now, when I’m not in good terms with someone I care about, my whole day would be sh*tty. Another thing I’ve noticed is how different guys are emotionally from girls. You’re mad about something and it doesn’t even get to them😂.

I didn’t even realize I had so much to say. Please let’s continue next week.

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  1. I like the fact that you have pointed this out but I doubt it’s gon change anytime soon....”girls” will continue with this behavior 😂

  2. It’d change when “boys” change their behavior too