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I know rejection hurts because we’ve all been rejected one way or the other. It’s just the way you handle things that makes us know you’re not a loser or an idiot. Life isn’t some kind of fairytale where everything goes the way you’ve planned it. Hell, Cinderella suffered before she got her Prince. And I’m very sure if someone decides to show us what happens after the wedding, somebody would be trying to steal her baby or something. Maybe it would even be one of the ugly stepsisters. It could be that they’d be trying to seduce her man. Why? You can’t get everything you want in life! More reasons? Gods plan. God has everything planned a certain way. Sometimes, you can pray your heart out and things won’t change because God sees way way ahead into the future. He sees things our tiny eyes can’t see. His ways aren’t our ways and His thoughts are definitely not ours. There are a lot of possibilities about certain things that our minds can’t imagine. 

Another reason I think rejection comes is that the particular thing you want isn’t right for you. There are two aspects of this one for me. The first is that maybe you don’t need that thing at that particular time or that you deserve better and so the rejection is your motivation to go bigger.

The second aspect is that you haven’t earned it. Now, this might hurt but it can be the case. God works in mysterious ways and miracles happen, but it’s unlikely that you get a job as a Doctor with a degree in English. 

Brothers and sisters, God will do it because He totally can but don’t plant your seeds on thorny ground and pray to God for a miracle when there’s perfectly fine soil elsewhere.

Here’s the part that gets me mad. Rejection sucks! It can make you rethink a lot of things. It can make you lose confidence and doubt yourself. It can make you lose hope. It does a whole lot to you. I faced a major rejection that made me rethink my entire existence. It got worse when it felt like I wasn’t even been encouraged. I would walk past a group of people and it would feel like they knew. I could swear everyone was laughing at me. I didn’t want to go outside anymore...and then it felt like the people inside were laughing at me too. So yes, I’m familiar with the pain of rejection. It comes with frustration but  you shouldn’t take out your frustration on others. You can’t go about screaming at innocent people. I empathize with you but I’m not the cause of your problem. Don’t raise your voice at me. Don’t scare everyone off just because you’re in a bad place. Remember time heals. What would happen when you heal and then you have to deal with being lonely?

I can’t count the number of times guys have been so rude to me just because I won’t go out with them. You keep telling me how much you love me and how you’re the right one for me. You promise with your whole heart that you’d treat me like the Queen that I am (cos duhh👸🏾). Then when I tell you I’m not interested you go ahead to insult me just because you want to make me feel bad. For all the times I’ve felt bad because of pathetic people like that, I apologize to me. I don’t recall ever rejecting anybody by insulting them. That just tells you how stupid people can be. 

I remember this one guy who I became friends with because I felt people didn’t see the good in him. I also felt he was God fearing and we went through the I’m-sorry-I-can’t-date-you-phase. After that, I just assumed we were cool. One day we were having a conversation about relationships and how “stressful” they can be. He told me he was in a long distance relationship with somebody and that (I think) he was liking another person around him. He had already started things with this person. Basically he was involved with two babes at the time. As the great friend that I am, I decided to give him advice based on experience. I started with “my boyfriend...” and that was it😂. This dude came for me! He referred back to the times he’s asked me out and I told him no. I was so so impressed by the way he acted when I turned him down. I felt it was so matured until this uncle did throwback o! He was like “How couldn’t you even tell me you were back on the market?!”. He made it sound like I went behind his back to date somebody. This was somebody that was involved with two babes. He said a lot of hurtful things and I just kinda like gave him the silent treatment because I didn’t even know what else to do. Weeks later, he writes me an epistle and keeps coming at me. I blocked him and then he finds my IG and hits me GbasGbos style. I’ve blocked somebody on WhatsApp, phone calls and text messages, Instagram and the he went ahead to borrow people’s phones to insult me. All this unnecessary stress just proves how unworthy you are because really gbogbo eleyi o necesstry my dear. If you do this, whether you’re a guy or a girl, I’m not sorry but you’re a loser. I bet you didn’t think I could be this harsh🙂.

How do you take rejection? Do you make the best of it? I’s easier said than done but don’t make everything worse by making yourself come off as a loser. Have a great week🤗❤️

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  1. I'm laughing my ass off...Dude went full psycho on your ass!!!

  2. One of my biggest fears in This life is rejection. And really, what I do is try and avoid the whole process of being rejected so I just stay on my own

    1. But you can’t always avoid being rejected... Not everyone will accept you and I’m not even talking about relationships now.

  3. Lmaoo the guy is such a loser honestly😹😹😹😹. He even went as far as using someone’s account to insult you. Omo people with iyanma behavior

  4. Rejection is never easy to handle, but we just have to move on. Beautiful piece, welldone.

  5. Lol so people like this are around, I usually imagine psychos live far away. I like the fact that you said it shows how unworthy they are, people usually forget not to settle for someone beneath their value because they seem nice to them.