Bee’s Banter: I’m actually really pissed!

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Hi guys. This week’s post would be a short one and hopefully, by the time I put it up I’d be in a much better mood. Do you know that thing that happens when you kind of notice something and then whenever that thing is around, your attention automatically goes there? For instance, if for some reason I noticed a shade of red, my eyes might automatically get drawn to everything with that shade of red. I’m not saying it happens always but if you’ve experienced it, you’ll totally understand what I’m talking about.

What’s this thing that I’ve been noticing? Men.

I feel like because of people that skim through or just have it out for me, I have to state clearly that this post isn’t to “victimize” men.

It’s a man’s world. I’ve heard that too much. Women are trying so much to be their own people and I’m actually so glad there are some wonderful men out there cheering us on. It’s the backwards ones I can’t stand. In the past one week, I’ve “noticed” a series of offensive behaviors. The funny thing is that it’s become so normal that it is allowed to happen over and over. A couple of days ago a man thought it was okay to body shame me and play it off as a joke. Call me insecure but the fact still remains that nobody has any business being in MY BUSINESS. Why is it so common to have women feel bad because of how they look?

Another time, this dude “mistakenly” touched my body TWICE. I’m confused because even outside in broad daylight light you can still get harassed. It’s even worse because it’s very easy to pin the blame on the victim. They’d say you’re reading so much meaning into things. They’d call you a liar. When do we get to win? Honestly, I just wanted to scatter the guy’s face with slaps. How do you hit my chest mistakenly and follow it up with touching my hip mistakenly? 

I’ve also noticed different guys on different occasions telling different women to cover their chest when they were the ones staring at the chest. Can women express themselves without having fear in their hearts?  It’s nobody’s place to tell anyone how to dress. You feel someone is dressed indecently? Mind your business. You don’t get to feel a certain way about someone’s life except they let you. If you really want to , feel it and keep it to yourself. Even God says we shouldn’t judge people. I have so much respect for men that respect women. They are so few but it’s just amazing that some people actually get it. 

All these stress and you don’t even get the chance to react properly. I couldn’t do or say anything (other than the face I gave) when the guy “mistakenly” touched me. He was with his friends and there was just one me. 

It’s a lot and I’m done ranting for now. 

Have a stress free week ❤️

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