It’s the little things

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It’s the little things for me

The world is a “wonderful” place. I’m going to say wonderful because I’m big on positivity. I was going to put this up on Wednesday but I changed my mind. I want this to be something to hold on to, especially now that I’m in a place where I’m not obsessed with the numbers of people who read my posts. 

I’ve not really been out of the country so I’m going to base my opinions on my experience as a Nigerian. I saw a video of someone ranting a few days ago. They were like “if you’re a Nigerian, you must suffer”. And truly, it’s one thing or the other. Even the tiniest things like having power supply for only a few hours a day or a week is suffering. It’s just that we’ve experienced these things too much that they’ve started to seem normal. We’d even be thanking them for giving us light after a week of darkness. 

You can’t go to work and come back without feeling like you were in a boxing ring. It’s body aches and just plain frustration. It’s worse if you work in a shitty place or with shitty colleagues. One time I had to wake up everyday and go to a class full of people who didn’t like me. Really, it’s one thing or the other.

Yes, everyone has something they’re going through. Life isn’t a bed of Roses. It’s not all puff puff and viju milk. It wouldn’t hurt if it was but it isn’t and sometimes it sucks. You know what can make it better? Us.

Yeah, that’s right. We can make the world a better place for us to live. I didn’t mean to make it sound like such a cliche. But the truth of the matter still remains that we are the only ones that can do it. 

You know the “magic words” right? They can actually be magical. A simple “thank you” can make someone feel like they are needed. You could smile at someone and for the rest of the day they’d be happy. It literally wouldn’t take anything from you to say sorry to someone. It doesn’t even have to be someone you wronged. A lot of times, it’s just knowing that someone cares that helps one feel better. 

Maybe a lot of people might say they’re not so observant and they can’t exactly tell when someone is down. If someone comes to you or expresses themself out loud about what they’re going through, you could empathize with them. It’s usually not always about solving people’s problem. You’re not Jesus. You can’t do it all. I’m not saying you should poke your nose in people’s businesses or over do anything. I’m also not asking you to do anything forcefully. If it’s not willingly, then what’s the point?

All I’m saying is be a little bit more caring. A little more “please”, “thank you” and “sorry”. A little gift or a little bit of assistance. 

These little things count.

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