Mini life update and storytime

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Hello guys! Long time no blog post. It's been way longer than I thought it would be. And let me just say God gave me the grace to be able to do this again. I got my inspiration/urge to write during church service! Anyways, it's been a rough couple of weeks especially emotionally and I have learnt that it's okay to get tired. It's okay to rest long as you don't stop. I learnt how to not beat myself up so much. I have also learnt how to be productive even when things are not going as planned. I have had to be my own cheerleader and I've also had to tell myself that it's okay. You might be the only one on your team sometimes for so many reasons, and that's fine. I hope you all have been doing great. I hope you haven't forgotten how amazing you are. I hope you remember to pray/meditate without letting the troubles of life derail you. 

Last week I traveled to Abeokuta (again). I’ve been working from home for a while and home has started to choke me. The first time I went, I decided to just travel no matter what. I don’t know if you know but road trips just seem like a lot of work for me. Especially with the issue of insecurity now, it feels like you should only travel when it’s really important. I don’t know if it was the fact that it was my first time when I initially traveled, I just know the second time wasn’t as much fun. I had to wait for almost an hour before getting a bus. When I finally got a cab, I had to wait for it to get full. While I waited, a lot of people came to the windows to beg but there was a specific one that felt different. He had a bunch of church flyers. They didn’t seem very new to me. He could have actually just gathered them for his personal use. He came to me and handed me the flyer. I collected it and was ready to listen to him talk about God. He didn’t. He just started smiling weirdly and was like I hope to see you in church on Sunday. In my mind, I was like if I even come to church, you can’t see me. The church is huge!  But I didn’t tell him any of that. I just mentioned that I had my own church and I’d be going there for service. I thought the conversation had ended until he moved even closer to me and started talking in a hushed voice. 

He was like “Aunty...I just want to tell you something very important and I want you to just listen to me”. In my mind, I was thinking he was going to give some kind of false prophecy. I was waiting for it. Instead, I heard “Aunty see I’ve been fasting since and I just need something to break my fast. Anything you give me like this, I’ll accept”.

I just knew something about him wasn’t right. I gave him money even tho I could tell he probably wasn’t telling the truth. This man went around the cab and did the same thing. He pretended to be interested in sharing God’s word but proceeded to beg for money instead. 

Something weirder happened again while I was going to church. I had gotten back home from Abeokuta on Sunday morning and I was trying to make it to church. I dressed up, stepped outside, and my skirt’s zipper spoilt. Went back in to change and I started heading for church. I knew I was late so I was trying to walk fast. Then this creepy guy saw me and said something like “angel”. I hate it when guys do that. It's not cute. It's stupid and outdated. I didn't answer him and he was walking away. Only for him to turn around and start walking towards me. I increased my pace. There weren't a lot of people out and I didn't want to be alone with a creep. He caught up with me!

I had earphones on and so I could barely hear him. He touched me and then I screamed at him never to touch me again in his life. He kept talking and then when I still didn't answer, he resorted to doing what a lot of guys think is the next thing to do - make me feel like shit. He started saying all sorts about me. I ignored. Then he said something about me being a Christian and not acting like it. He was like “what if I want to come to your church?”.

Maybe he wants to give his life to Christ and he actually thinks I'm an “angel”.  This isn't the first guy that would be trying to woo me by pretending they want to go to church. It's the most obvious and one of the dumbest tricks in the book. 

Ps: Looking forward to seeing you guys in my next post next week. Wanna be a guest blogger? Reach out to me. Enjoy your week❤️

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