First of all...introduction.

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First of all...INTRODUCTION!

Or at least...that’s what I should have done first but hey, I’m a rebel  😏. I’m not! 😂

I had my first post up on Monday and the feedback was just amazing. I’m so grateful for the support and love and I’m inspired to do more.
For those who don’t know me already, I’m Blessing but a lot of my friends call me Bee!
I’ve wanted this blog for a while actually because I’ve always felt the need to just share my experience with somebody. Something would happen and then I’d really want to paint a word picture for somebody so they know how I felt when I was in that situation.
I’ve always been introverted (I’m much better now). So a lot of times, when I wanted to say something, I’d end up stopping halfway with way less information than I intended or maybe it’d sound boring compared to what I had in my head.
Then I found an escape...writing! It’s one of the best things that happened to me. Yes, I know I can’t use writing every time. At some point, I’d have to speak but writing has helped me get better at expressing myself by talking. Before I talk, I take a second to think about what I’m about to say because when I write, I get to read what I’ve written again and think to myself - “Do I really want people to see this?” Or “Is this right?”.
In fact, the first poem I wrote helped me to realize that I was in a very unhealthy friendship and I needed to get out as fast as possible.

Here’s the difficult part of it all. My writing was my means of communicating better with people but I found that a lot of people don’t enjoy reading.
At least when you talk, the other party has no choice but to get the information ( least to an extent). You just say what you want and since they’re within the range of getting the information you’ve sent out, they have no choice ( except of course they decide to stick their fingers in their ears and scream 😂).
But does this make talking way better than writing? I beg to differ!
A lot of people don’t listen they just hear and they are just not the same thing. At least with reading, you can go back and read again and also imagine the story in your head.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk...ted write?

The African Bee wishes you a weekend as sweet as honey!

Happy Valentine’s guys❤

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  1. Poetry was my voice a couple times so I can totally relate!

  2. Am happy you are working on a weakness of yours by turning it into a strength. It give me a drive and motivation to work on mine. I also love writing and composing poems, so maybe I will feature on your blog someday. Congratulations dear, the sky is the starting point dear. <○#?♡€r○R

    1. Awwwn...thank you. Can’t wait for that feature!

  3. The thought running through my head upon opening this was,'but many people don't like to read'. And that was what you spoke abi wrote also lol. They are missing out but no wahala,those of us that love to read,we gather dey.I hope u find more of us to read the amazing contents I know I will see on this blog.

  4. Reality, eternity,maternity, mortality, mentality.
    Hey, I'm writing too 😁